Friday, September 12, 2014

'Where is Rusty?' - Sieb Posthuma

Some beautiful books recently arrived from Gecko Press.  Oh happy day!  We felt like Christmas had come early (yes, all of us - we are the Gecko-Press-Appreciation-Society 'round here).  First up (and released this month!):

"A Sweet picture book about a curious young dog who gets lost in a big department store." - Gecko Press.

Rusty is inquisitive, and when he suddenly realises he's in a tight spot, he panics and does the very worst thing.  This was so me when I was little!  Oh, sweet little Rusty, I would've been afraid of those watchdogs too!   The tale is relatable (for me, certainly) and the illustrations are humorous and fun.  There are loads of little details to pick out in this dog-centric word of Posthuma's creating.  The story is playful, and supplies an opportunity to discuss the importance of personal safety (and how we maintain that).  Very useful for our little bunnies, who visit the mall very rarely, and when they do...

Sieb Posthuma is a Dutch author/illustrator, who based this cute character on his own pup, Rintje, super cute!   'Where is Rusty' is published by Gecko Press, and is available now at $19.99NZD.  

My thanks to Gecko Press for the review copy of this sweet tail < har har.

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