Tuesday, September 30, 2014

'You Can Do It, Bert!' - Ole Konnecke

"Bert has been preparing for this for a long time.  He is ready.  Mentally and physically.  But before he takes the plunge, he might need a bit of encouragement from his friends.  You can do it, Bert!" - Gecko Press

Oh man, this one is soooo cuuuute!  I easily fall into the over-writing category, so I am particularly impressed when authors can convey such an emphatic and meaningful message across, with such restrained use of text (and in this case, illustration too).  The illustrations are stinking cute.  Bert is adorable in every action (and his methods of procrastination?  Very relatable), and I love the use of negative space (so underrated in kid's books).

Konnecke cleverly sets up for a few possible outcomes, each equally viable until the truth is eventually revealed (I was surprised).  There is subtle humour, and a general message of warmth and encouragement (his friends, oh what friends!  The best kind).  This would make a most perfect gift for a child (or even adult) preparing for change of some kind.

I should probably also mention that short texts like this are always very welcome at the end of a long day, ya hearing me?  I have some go-to favourite short reads (all Gecko, I might add) for those nights.

'You Can Do It, Bert!' by Ole Konnecke - is available for pre-order now, and will be released by Gecko Press in October. Yay for Gecko Press!  Thank you for this charming ARC x

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  1. We love Ole's book Anton and the Battle - SO good and like you I so respect authors who achieve so much with such few words