Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Currently on my covet list...

1. 'Playful' - Merrilee Liddiard.  2. Black leather low-cut chucks.  3.  Crystal Necklace - Boutique Minimaliste. 4.  Uashmama Bag - Collected. 5.  Windy City Dress - Modcloth.  6. Cacti Art Print - Endemic World.  7. Frankie Daily Journal.

I have actually just purchased 'Playful', thanks to some paypal dollars sitting in my account.  As for the others, well, I will prob buy the Frankie diary Daily Journal (much cooler) as a Christmas present to self, and will carry on coveting the rest.  Sometimes pretty things are just nice to look at, on the web.  We don't actually have to buy 'em all!  *revelation....*  Oh, but the shoes... I might need those...

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha Do we dont Have to I suppose :) Still dreams are free aren't they ;) Love the dress especially!