Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mermaid Party

I feel like our summer/party season has officially opened up now, kicking off with this mermaid party.   I'm glad I have an extra day off this weekend, because I actually cannot believe how tired I was afterwards...

Even though I've been working on this party for quite a while, things were kept pretty simple on the actual day.  We had a picnic-y afternoon tea, and then the kiddos headed into a 'mermaid grotto' to listen to a story read by a *real* mermaid.  Bubbles, mermaid dolls, etc.  It was fun.

Afterwards they played in the caves and the rocks.  Like I said, simple.  Which was fortunate because I had a splitting headache and the sun was beaming down.  Simple was just perfect.

I decorated the grotto with bubbles, seaweed and jewels -  using clear christmas baubles found on ebay, strips of leftover mermaid fabric, and a roll of beaded string (also ebay).  Nothing complicated, but it definitely added a little magic.  I also played 'A Little Mermaid' tracks on my phone, and a friend handled a bubble maker for added atmosphere...  

Nope, I didn't make that awesome mermaid tail that Melody (perfect name, right?) is wearing.  I did make a doll size one though (below).  Don't mind the freaky black doll eyes.  She's not really going to eat your brains (maybe).  If you're wondering where the other mermaid tails are - my kids lasted all of about five minutes in them, before they were stripping off...  Erm... Well they have halloween costumes now, I guess.

As usual we used Pop Roc Parties as our source for party supplies, and were sent a couple of extra little goodies - so lovely!  We went with colourful/mismatched, ordering these cute polka dot plates, some polka dot cups, and these stripy gold ones.  I also purchased a couple of these mason jar glasses while I was at it, soooo purdy!  Pop Roc Parties supplied these adorable Toot Sweet napkins, along with some Toot Sweet cake flags which turned out to be a godsend.  I kinda ran out of ideas the night before, and settled on a simple cake (we did a pink pinata thing, but it looked pretty plain from the outside).  The toppers totally saved the day and we ended up with a very sweet looking cake, yuss!

The party wasn't without it's mishaps and plan-gone-wrongs.  Probably a little higher stress than I would have preferred but overall - successful.  Many of my food choices were collected from Pinterest - no point reinventing the wheel for this one.  The (whoops, green) jellies didn't set in time, but were devoured during the clean up afterwards, so, all = not lost.

I'm secretly planning a much more low-key party for Garland ('cat' theme, oh yeah!), we'll hold that one at home which is always much easier.  But '5' just felt like it needed some extra celebrating...

For more Mermaid stuff:

Party favours here and here.
Mermaid tails here.

Disclaimer:  While this is not a sponsored post - Pop Roc Parties did send two of the party items for me to use at my discretion.  :-)


  1. Wowee - 5! Happy birthday E, I started following your mum's blog when you were 3 and it has been a treat to see snippets of your lovely family and your talented mum sharing some truly original and creative ideas with us all. Your party looked amazing.

  2. So magical and gorgeous. I love everything about this party : )

  3. I read this on my phone and feel in love with it, just had to come back and see it full-size. It looks PERECT. What better place for a mermaid party than BY THE SEA!!?? Fabulous Stella, as always xx

  4. Magical! It looks perfection and no doubt all the little dots were thrilled and captivated! Gorgeous gorgeous! Happy Birthday Eleanour! Great job Mum x

  5. This is amazing! I am currently planning a superhero 5 year old birthday party- five does seem to be special so I am going a bit crazy!