Friday, October 3, 2014

Messages in bottles

I've started some makings in preparation for Eleanor's party.  These little bottles contain glittery sand, a tiiiiiiny plastic jewel, and a wee scroll.  Of course I still need to find some chains before they are complete.  I decided not to seal the cork with glue, so they can switch the sand etc. out and replace it with something else (mini terrarium, beads, whatnot), if they choose to.  I found the bottles on Trademe and they were inexpensive.  The tiny chest I found on eBay, but have seen these in $2 stores too.

Now to make a mermaid tail or three *scared face*.


  1. SO cute!!!!! I want an invite SO bad ;) xxx

  2. I came to see these from your party post- I actually SOL ( squealed out loud : ) These are SO cute.