Saturday, October 18, 2014

Seashell Jewellery Trays

Super ages ago I had the idea for these (though just a tiny amount of googling informs me that I was not the first), and a Mermaid Party was JUST the excuse to make them.  I *almost* forgot them entirely, and remembered only recently, after some beach combing.  Whew.  

They were a little time-consuming, but def worth the effort.  I think I used about four coats of paints, and probably couldn't done another coat or two.  I had ten to make, and I ditched early.  I think they look fine *crosses fingers*.  I also wish I'd glued the 'pearl' after painting the shell.  I made the call to glue first, hoping that I could tidily paint around the pearl and disguise the glue.  It didn't work out marvellously, but I ended up kinda blending the pearl into the shell with white paint, so I guess that's okay.

My original idea included iridescent paint, but that stuff is expense!  So I used what I had on hand, and a little bit of glitter looked just as good.  A fun, simple idea that was easy to execute.  Perfect.

Edit - The placement of the pearl is not especially accurate - but we wanted the pearl as a placeholder for rings 'n things.  Yanno.  Creative licence and all that.  I mean, it's a scallop shell so we're not going for complete accuracy here ;-)


  1. Great idea! Just love your header by the way. xo

  2. Great idea - and the wee mermaids will be super happy no doubt!