Saturday, November 22, 2014

Big Little Hooded Vest

A few months ago, Lisa from Big Little Blog worked out a barter deal - and this is what arrived our end.  The cutest little wee vest!  It suits our golden-haired boy to a T.  I've been meaning to take some photos of it, and finally made it happened this weekend.  

He seems so lanky these days.  Long legs and scruffy hair.  I think I can see the teenage boy he will become, though the sun-blonde will be long gone by then.

And this one - so FIVE!  Super five.  The five-est.

Go and check out the Big Little etsy shop if you love this cute hooded vest as much as I do.  The PDF pattern available for purchase, along with a selection of other delicious patterns.


  1. He looks so gorgeous - and grown up! He is changing so fast.... Thanks for the wonderful pictures, they are simply perfect. xx

  2. So big loooking! Perfection all round x

  3. I can't believe how big he is! Surely he's still that little toddler we hung out with in Chch? Love the vest - so glad I bought the pattern! Just have to find some time to make it...