Friday, November 21, 2014

'Line Up, Please!' - Tomoko Ohmura

"Standing in line can be dull, but not when you mix tigers and frogs, sheep and skunks.  But what could be worth waiting for...?" - Gecko Press blurb.

Get ready for the cuuuuuutest kiddo book!!!  Winning points: sweet illustrations, a counting/identifying game, animals (lots of), humour, A FUN SURPRISE!!!  So.  Everything, then.  Seriously, the surprise is waaaay cute!  And also cute, is watching out for favourite animal characters in the pages subsequent to the surprise.

If your babies are anything like mine, they are probably obsessed with animals and the identification of.  This is just the kind of book for animal lovers - as you can see the (deliciously illustrated) animals are identified by name along the bottom of the page, so once you've finished reading the story, you can go back for a second round, ticking off the animals you know, and adding to your collection.  The characterisations are fun too!  Just fun, and sweet, all round.  I think you should check this one out, stat.

'Line Up, Please!'  by Tomoko Ohmura is available through Gecko Press, who kindly sent us a copy of the book to review.  They are offering free Christmas shipping, so check 'em out!

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