Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal

I have been planning and stashing and list-making in overdrive.  Guys, Christmas is coming!  I've also been thinking a little bit about the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal, and providing Christmas gifts for precious little people who may not receive any this year.  I know, it's not all about the presents, but I'll be honest, finding gifts for the peeps I love is one of my favourite pre-summer activities, and if mine are receiving them, I wanna help ensure that underprivileged kiddos do too.

If you would like to donate this year, Kmart stores around the country will be collecting gifts for the Salvation Army to distribute (to approximately 45,000 homes this year, with our help).  Donated gifts do not need to be from Kmart, and for the super skilled amongst us, you could donate handmade! *smiley face*.  Alternatively, if you don't live near a Kmart store you can purchase an e-card which will then be converted into Kmart gifts.

And for a bit of Christmassy fun, some printables (via Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal) for your kids.  Advent activity anyone?

And for full disclosure, I was contacted in regards to the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal but this is not a sponsored post (not money or products were transferred).  I was more than happy to help spread the word :-)

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