Thursday, December 18, 2014

Best till last - Gecko Press

So Gecko Press has been gooooood to us this year.  It's felt like Christmas, all year round because these are not your average children's books!  Each and every one is so delicious/funny/original/beautiful...  We really can't give praise enough, and the books we've received through Gecko Press have been insta-fave turned insta-classic (read and re-read and so on and so forth).

But, if I had to pick a favourite (and that's hard, because I think I claim that every text received is actually my favourite - and plus whenever I think about this one, Imma swooning), it would be this one.... andthisonetoo.  Soz.  They are just both, too good.

Let's start with....  'The Day No One Was Angry' - Written by Toon Tellegen, illustration by Marc Boutavant.  This is a collection of stories - funny, bittersweet and a little sad at times, exploring different types of anger through the eyes a collection of hilarious and sweet animals.  The illustrations... are pretty much the best thing since French Press coffee. #mindblown.

The stories have an almost zen thing going on, powerful and poignant - posing opportunity for reflection both for children and grown ups.  Anger is def the black sheep of the emotionz family, and I love that this breathtaking book has been claimed by our book collection, allowing our family to share some new thoughts about how we process anger.

And frankly, Boutavant's illustrations alone make for perfect discussion points, just look at that little face...

'I am the Wolf... and Here I Come!'  - Benedicte Guettier.  Seriously, cracked me up.  I don't know if this is just quite indicative of my weird sense of humour, but I'm thinking I'm not alone, because I showed it to two other adults who thought it was funny too.  Much lolz.

This is a board book, with little text, so there isn't much I can really say without giving away the punchline, or building up the joke so much for you.  I really really love this one.  I think (but shhhhh) it really is my favouritest of them all...

Here's a wee snapshot of the Gecko Press 2014 releases - so many beautiful books!

Go check them out, and take advantage of their free shipping till Dec 31!  Thank you Gecko Press for making Christmas last through 2014 x

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