Saturday, January 17, 2015

Just Now

January is flying past!  First day of term approaches, so we are trying to soak up as much of summer as possible.  I mean, summer doesn't actually end once school starts, but it sorta feels like The End amiright?  So here's what:

Reading: 'Froi of the Exiles' (sequel to 'Finnikin' ^^) - Melina Marchetta.  SO GOOOOOOOD!!!!!
Listening to:  Daft Punk on repeat.  It's the kiddos fave, so what am I 'sposed to do?

Making: Adventures happen!  I wrote a little bucket list,  but it's usually the unexpected ones that fill our days.  All good.
Eating:  Plain unsweetened yoghurt.  'Bout as exciting as that sounds.

Sketching: Story notes
Practicing: Yoga.  But not very often.

 Wishing: We were still waking up to campsite mornings.
Procrastinating: Doing paperwork.  Snore.

Enjoying: A tidy house.  Whoops, too late.  That's over...
Drinking:  More water.

Writing: Many lists.
Anticipating: Taking my kiddos to watch Paddington.  Yups.

Watching: Old episodes of 30 Rock.  Also, just watched This Is Where I Leave You (okay), so basically, Tina Fey.
Planning:  A 'Cat' party, and a possible trip away at the end of the year-ish.  The planning, always the best part. 

How is your summer going?  I dunno.  Back at work already?  Well enjoy your summery Sunday then x


  1. Let us know how the book "Landline" is I saw it the other day and thought it might be a good read. Back to work in Feb (my new job means I work term time only) - this summer has been the best and Tina Fey is awesome! xo

  2. oooo sounds and looks so lazy summery! ours is great - loving every minute of it just hanging and enjoy each other and the beach and you know... life :) Hope the feeling lingers for a while longer for you still x