Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Just Now

I made a few changes to this blog layout.  You have no idea how painful it is for me to do that stuff, ug.  There's still tweaking that needs to be done, so forgive me the flaws.  It's not my forte.  

Otherwise I'm...

Enjoying: afternoon sun in summer. 
Wondering: if I will ever locate my running shoes again.  I mean, they're neon pink, how do you lose a pair of neon pink shoes?  
Loving: finding one of my to-be-reads in an opshop for less than a dollar

Learning: about adapting - particularly in regards to children and stages. There's always a new one.  Adapting is our tool of survival, huh.
Recovering: from baby-shower and 3rd birthday organising duties. 
Reading: 'Quintana of Charyn' - Melina Marchetta.  Not enjoying it as much as the first two, but still - addicted.

Drinking: T2 Roiboos and Fancy Fruit - sent by a bestie who has the best taste in gifts
 Anticipating: diving into the stack of new books on my nightstand - huzzah! (Amongst them, 'Cress', 'Into the Still Blue' and 'The Ocean at the End of the Lane').
Feeling: Nervous about starting back at work.  Eeeeeeek.

See you soon with a party post :-)

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