Thursday, January 29, 2015

Just Now

Watching: Broadchurch
Eating: early grapes
Feeling: pretty tired after a week back at work
Enjoying: the coolness of early evening

Searching: for fun literacy resources for Yr 1 & 2's.  Got tips?  Hit me!
Listening to: The Foofighters.  Don't hate me
Wishing: the flies would just go away now, please
Realising: that summer will go away at the same time

Reading: 'I Am Not Esther' by Fleur Beale
Preparing: a post filled with YA lit. favourites, I read some great titles last year
Waiting: for a new batch of babies, arrivals imminent
Loving: country life and small communities

The weekend is here, and though I will spend most of it working, I'm planning to sneak in some family adventures, beginning with a little anti-oil-drilling protest down at the waterfront tomorrow.  Got any exciting plans?


  1. Ooh I think I remember 'I am not Esther'! About a girl leaving an exclusive brethren family?

  2. I love your photos...they all have such a romantic feel to them in their own lil ole nz country town way! My weekend was spent figuring out this school terms work too! Sorry not sure of a good fun literacy course.....but I'd love to know if you do find a good one!