Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Blooms

Yesterday my sister, my ma and I threw a baby shower for littlest sister.  It was beautiful, low-key day, and everything, even the unexpected rain shower, felt just perfect.

Co-organising was lovely.  I didn't have to think about the food once, which was so great!  And the food itself was also great!  The decorating we kept simple and vintage, with a floral theme.  We used these very pretty floral straws from Pop Roc parties, and were sent these ridiculously beautiful Stormy Boutique paper cups too (this is a geek admission, but I thought they were too pretty to waste - yep, these babies are getting recycled).

I also used these blue mason jars for decor - along with a recycled pom-poms, vintage sheets and some of Ma's garden blooms.  Like I said, relaxed - which meant we got to focus our energy on looking after the FOUR pregnant guests in attendance.  

Rosa ummed and ahhhed about games, and eventually decided they would be fun.  So I did a quick google search and found a couple that sounded okay.  They all turned out to be super fun!  Our icebreaker game was simple.  Upon arrival, I handed out safety pins to every guest.  From that moment on, no one was allowed to say the word 'baby', which turned out to be way harder than anticipated.  Any slip-up resulted in losing your pin to whoever overheard - and the prize was claimed by the guest who'd collected the most pins.  Easy, silly, fun.

For the next game, I gave guests about 10 seconds to memorise around 13-14 baby & mama items, before they jotted down as many as they remembered.  The nicest thing about this game was that we ended up with a hamper of goodies to gift to the baby mama.  Some items less exciting than others :-P

I adapted our final game a little.  Initially we were supposed to play a match celeb babes with their parents type game, but it turned out simpler just to give each guest a cutout of a celeb/celeb couple, arrange all the babies face up in the centre of the circle of guests, and then have everyone find their baby.  It was actually really fun!  I had a secret fear that it would flop, but it was pretty hilarious in the end.    

Towards the end we set these four mamas up in comfy chairs and offered foot baths, massages, face masks and manicures.  This was SUCH a nice part of the day, and will be repeated at every future baby shower for sure.  

We finished the afternoon with an ice-cream bar, cups of tea and present opening.  So after allllll that, it's probably not surprising that the last guest rocked home five hours after start time.  Tha best.

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  1. It sounds and looks like such a nice event and day for everyone. So so lovely!