Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Normal life

This has been a busy summer, for sure.  I actually don't think we've ever had one quite like it.  It's unsumuppable. 

Summer may be far from over, but we are returning to regular schedule now and I almost feel relieved.  I think.  I'm still like... what... just happened...

I have no idea what to expect from twenty fifteen but I'm getting the impression we are going to be kept on our toes.  Which is why coffee was invented, anyway.  So there's that.


  1. and may 2015 bring you so much more than great coffee - may it bring acceptance letters, job satisfactions and a host of belly laughs with those who make your beautiful world xx

  2. Yes feeling that I'll be kept on my toes also! That's why I have chocolate....its my choice to keep me going, I even go through withdrawls like coffee if its not in the house ;)