Wednesday, February 18, 2015

One Crazy Summer

I've just started reading this (so far, SO GOOD) and the title has been stuck here in my head.  Because this summer, just now passing, has been the best and the worst and everything in between. One crazy summer.

There's no recounting it, and photos only skim the surface, which is all for the best.  There have been some incredibly painful days, when all future dreams felt dashed and nothing was holding us anymore.  And there have been plenty of beautiful, lazy days and book reading and swimming and dreaming.

There were the terrifying twenty minutes when a child went missing during a starlit gathering, they stretched into eternity and drove in hard against the edges of my fear.

There was morning yoga and hanging-out-with-the-cousins and a 7 year anniv.  Camp cooking and cafe-ing and celebrations.  There were hospital admissions and medication and side-effects.  There were sea adventures and evening cocktails.  And gigs, so many, and gatherings with friends.

This summer broke our hearts and then jammed all the pieces back together again.  More whole.  Like we didn't even really know who we were before and now we have this chance to figure it out.

Sometimes that's just the way it needs to be.  Just one crazy summer to help you figure it all out.  One crazy-flipping-summer.

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  1. wow, that sounds like a major summer, a landmark summer, a summer that will not be forgotten. Hope that as 2015 unfolds those broken bits make more sense. However large the toughness you have made it sound beautiful with eloquent words and wonderful images xxx