Saturday, March 14, 2015

Quite a lot of cute...

Fresh from the Gecko Press, some, um, quite delicious books for toddlers.   

The gorgeous illustrations and simple-sweet storyline we found in 'Pom & Pim'? are back in this second instalment.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - I am utterly impressed with the way this husband + wife team manage to convey so much with such sparing use of words.  These are also visually oh so appealing to me.  A sweet colour palette and beautiful composition.  Such a winning combination.

And we can relate to this story, big time.  You wouldn't even believe how often the phrase 'where's Baby Seal?' is repeated.  It's practically our family motto.  The tears, the anguish, the endless hunting and hoping, it's all very real (and daily) for us, so this story struck a particular chord.  

Garland isn't yet so bookish as his sis, but he is very attached to both Pom & Pim stories, and will take these to bed with him most nights.  Just these two.  Meanwhile, Eleanor sleeps under a blanket of books...

'Max's Bath', 'Max's Bear' and 'Max's Wagon' - Barbro Lindgren & Eva Eriksson

Well I'm officially in love with Max.  If those spindly little legs don't steal your heart, I don't know what on earth will.  What a beautiful series of baby books!  I love board books (side note - read here about the importance of board books), and we have quite a collection that I just don't mind adding to (despite having no tiny ones at present).  These are prized though.  These are the ones you kinda don't want your baby drooling all over.  These are the ones that you almost want as coffee table books because they are just. so. cute.

And while they are 'technically' toddler board books, I challenge any grown person to read these and not become smitten.  It's impossible.   

All cuteness aside, these would make the most perfect baby shower gifts.  I already gave one to my almost-due sister, but being the selfish kinda girl that I am, I kept the other two for myself  my maybe-one-day-baby.  

Check him out in his leopard print toga!  I mean, I can't even...

Gecko Press titles such as these can be purchased direct from the Gecko Press website, or you can find them in any good bookstore.  We were privileged enough to receive review copies, for which we are so grateful.

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  1. I can't wait for the day when I see your pictures gracing a picture book too!! Want to collaborate?? These look adorable x