Thursday, March 5, 2015

Term One highlights (so far)

We are past the halfway point, yewwwww!  This week was the best so far, and for the first time I didn't feel like giving up and reverting to full time SAHMing.  I have never, never, NEVER been in a job that challenged me so much, on every single level, but there have been some really sweet moments too that (sort of) make it all worth it.

Are the mismatched frames sending your OCD into overdrive?  I was deeply challenged by this particular project, and while it looks pretty crap up close, it has been overall a success.  The little tiny frames are now filled with portraits of our kiddos - and the larger ones will house class work.  I hope never to make one of these ever, ever again.

The foggy morning/sunrise/feet pics are from PD sessions we've attended this year.  #staffbonding


  1. Teaching, it's never ending but it's also cool.... Some days it's both! Looks like you have turned that magic corner where at least it feels like it makes sense and it might be doable!! Well done on making half a term it's a true achievement!! Xxx

  2. Yay for finding a groove and enjoying it! Makes it all that much more do-able ;) x