Saturday, April 4, 2015

Just Now

Reading: 'The Name of the Wind' - Patrick Rothfuss
Drinking: More tea, less coffee :-(
Dreaming: of quirky spaces and tiny homes

Celebrating: holidays!
Waiting for: my nephew to arrive, any day now
Watching: Parks and Rec - why did it take me so long????

Trying: to break some habits and create some new ones
Wishing: for less clutter
Enjoying: sleep-ins 

I'm planning to do a whole lot of nothing for the next two weeks, but I betcha I'll get sick of that and start planning adventures...


  1. Happy Holidays! What gorgeous photos - you have me looking forward to Autumn! I only discovered Parks + Rec this year too - have almost caught up with all the older seasons and just have to watch the final season. I bought Amy Poehler's audiobook recently - to listen to while doing the laundry etc - and even though I've only just started it, I'm really enjoying it - have you read it?

  2. Such a lovely catchup! Hope the holidays and the whole lot of nothing is going to plan x