Friday, April 17, 2015

Just Now

Reading: 'The Wise Man's Fear' - Patrick Rothfuss (so many thoughts - atcha soon)
Listening to: The Chipmunks, at Garland's request
Dreaming: of a family holiday to Italy

Anticipating: baby day.  Days move so much slower when you're waiting on one of these
Missing: the sun :-( 
Enjoying: book mail - thanks book.depos

The holidays are ending and we're all set (kinda) for the first of the winter terms.  Our firewood stash is growing almost as quickly as the TBR pile on my nightstand.  Hot water bottles on standby.  It kinda feels like we skipped Autumn entirely, but I'm secretly hoping for a sunny comeback over the next few weeks.  We need just a little more Vit. D before we face the rainy season...


  1. Little island is my new addiction....I don't share with the kids though

  2. Here's hoping you get that sunshine! and hope the next term is off to a great start x