Friday, May 1, 2015

Book Wolves...

I have to admit that when I saw this book on the Gecko 2015 release list, I was desperately hoping we'd be sent a copy...  HUZZAH!  

I read 'Help! The Wolf is Coming' aloud at my mum's house, and one page in, the entire house was giggling.  Such a fun concept!  Each page contains a new instruction to help you escape the approaching wolf - quickly escalating until you are forced to slam the book closed.   I was talked into reading this a bunch of times in a row, and then Zan had to have five turns too.  It's pretty fun!

I love a quirky book, and this (board) book fits our collection perfectly.  The illustrations are bold and fun, perfectly suited to a book that is as much a game as a story.  I think there is so much room for books such as this, those that turn storybook conventions (literally) on their head.

This isn't the first book wolf that Gecko Press has sent our way, and both are the most delightful of additions to our bookshelf.  I recommend checking them out asap.  Thank you, Gecko Press!

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