Friday, May 15, 2015

Hot off the Gecko Press

Here's a cute new release from Gecko Press for ya.

'When Dad Showed Me the Universe' - Written by Ulf Stark, illustrated by Eva Eriksson

This story has a really dreamy quality, further emphasised by the soft illustrations (making it the perfect bedtime story, right?!).  A father & son stroll through the evening streets, with gentle conversation and some poetic observations about life (and a measure of offbeat humour too).  Perfect.

I love the idea of a one-on-one evening walk with parent and child.  You know that feeling at the end of a long day, after the scramble to get baths run and meals on plates and teeth brushed, when you finally make it to bed yourself, and you kind of wonder where the day went and whether you spent enough real time with your babies today?  I get that sometimes and it feels a little chest-constricting.

Well, This story serves as a simple reminder that a simple activity such as a strolling through the evening to look at the universe, provides the opportunity for real quality time with your kiddos.  I love that.  Inspiring.

As usually, I am in love with Eva Eriksson's endearing illustrations, both atmospheric and quirky.  Ulf Stark, a new to me author, has an impressive pedigree, including over 30 books and a bunch of awards.  This is one to check out, for sure.

Thank you to Gecko Press for providing this review copy, you're our very favourite :-)

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