Friday, May 22, 2015

Just Now

So last night we spent the first night 'sleeping' in our new house.  I mean, I'm sure I got an hour or two somewhere between 10pm and 12am.  I'm sure of it.  I think.  Today we have all felt a little frayed around the edges, but night is falling again, and tomorrow is sleep-in day!  Huzzah!

Reading: 'Yes Please' - Amy Poelher
Wondering: When the phone will be connected
Loving: The sound of crashing waves as I lie in bed

Eating: Toasties, because simple is good, right now
Watching: Her Our Idiot Brother (again, looooving Paul Rudd's character)
Drinking: So much Roiboos tea because it is saving my life for reals

This little monkey cut his own hair and that is how he earned his first big kid haircut.  I feel I should retire as family hairdresser, but he remains a loveable imp with matching hairstyle, so no regerts.


  1. Ohh, how wonderful, hearing crashing waves from your bed. Enjoy the process as you settle in to your new home!