Thursday, May 14, 2015

Local Love - Kerikeri Mission Station

I finally caught my first cold of the season, which makes for the perfect opportunity to finish writing this post.  I've had these photos uploaded for over a month now, this little road trip is vague in my recollection, although I can't quite put out of mind the swooping metal road into Horeke.  Trees closing in and everything feeling a little closer than I wanted it to feel. I actually had a few photos from Horeke itself but I'd rather revisit sometime, and take nicer ones. Besides, Horeke deserves it's own post.  

We took this trip on a whim.  It was school holidays and I was feeling some feels and really wanted to stretch a little from the confines of everyday.  And mostly to escape my very messy house.  Not that we went very far at all, but it was really nice to have an adventure together.  We kinda just ended up at the Mission Station, after an hour or two driving.  I hadn't visited since my late tweens and was more than a little delighted to find it was better than I remembered.

Our visit fell on a Sunday so we didn't take any tours, though the Stone Store itself was open and filled with a thousand things I desperately wished to purchase.  I bought a few presents and left it at that, but I can't un-know that there is a shop in our nearish vicinity with SO MANY covetable items.  

Eleanor was convinced that the Stone Store was a castle and I went along with that secretly wishing our road trip had taken us to a real, actual castle, somewhere in Europe maybe...  I think the highlight of their trip was an unscheduled grocery shop, at an actual supermarket.  Makes me realise truly what bunnies we are now.  We're like "SHOPS!!!! *googly eyes*."

I fell a bit in love with the cottage garden, forever my favourite kind (the more of a tangled mess, the better).  It would've been nice to visit Honey House Cafe, or eat a meal at The Pear Tree - but the supermarket with it's shiny-shopping-trolleys-that-are-actually-aeroplanes awaited.

If you're traveling Northside, I recommend stopping in.  There's a good sized park across the bridge, perfect for picnics and non-stop cricket.  Kemp House is definitely worth a visit too (from memory anyway - and yes, I was one of those absolutely cool teens that sincerely enjoyed visiting historical houses - I may even have been the only teen in that category - in the WORLD).

Maybe once we've finished relocating our every worldly possession, we'll consider taking another road trip. Looking at these photos makes me realise that this is something we kinda need to do more of.

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  1. It looks like a wonderful spot. Feels fantastic to get out and have a change of scene - and such a lovely scene! Shops! :) Hope the move went/goes well xx