Monday, May 25, 2015

Nesting (again)

We are moved!  This has been a crazy hectic year so far, and it is sooooo nice to be cozied up in our new place, just as the truly winterly weather sets in.  

Unpacking has been slow.  In fact, we still haven't quite completed our move.  Between jobs and school and busy three-year-olds we've had to adjust our pace and use our energy sparingly, but this is definitely starting to feel like home now, and I am looking forward to the upcoming snuggly months, especially now that the worst of the move is out of the way.

Looking at these photos (from just a few days ago), already I can see how much further along we are (we aren't camping on the floor any longer :-P), so perhaps by the end of the long weekend we will be completely there.  Fingers crossed.  Anyway, long weekend.  Holla.


  1. it's so good to get your surroundings sorted, then it really feels like home xxx

  2. Hoorah for having moved! Hope you love living there and making it home x