Saturday, May 23, 2015

On My Nightstand - April

'The Wise Man's Fear' - Patrick Rothfuss

  • I was hooked, utterly, firmly, from the start.
  • I still (mostly) loved Kvothe as a protagonist, but the cocky arrogance wore on me.
  • The university setting is appealing, but the side adventures are what give these books flavour.  Rothfuss lengthens these adventures with extraneous detail, but even so they make for fun reading.  Sojourn into Fae country excepted.  Erm, pass.
  • Extraneous detail.  So.  Much.
  • I had to go back and edit a point from my earlier Rothfuss review, regarding a perceived feminist agenda in Book One.  In retrospect I feel like this was token.  Book Two has such large portions of undisguised sexism that any apparent subversion of it in Book One comes across (now) as condescension, which in IMO is somehow more annoying.  This is nothing new, so, you know, blah blah blah, but having credited him before, my adjusted reading in Book Two impacted my enjoyment quite drastically.
  • The last third of the book was an effort for me.  I think the last 15% of the book took me as long to read as the first 70%.  I was so invested in the characters and the story, this was actually a real bummer for me, and I can't recall it ever happening before... 
  • I'm still totally committed to the series and I'm hoping Kvothe/Rothfuss pull through for me in the third.

  • What an adorably sweet story, and completely, entirely unexpected.
  • The cast of characters are so great.  Textured, quirky and funny.  
  • One of the central relationships made me uncomfortable for a time (in a sad, rather than disturbed way).  But yay for MG where things work out in the end!
  • This was definitely a middle grade story, and as such will not be on my reread list, but I look forward to passing it on to Eleanor at some stage.
  • The graphic novel side of it was perfection.  

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