Saturday, May 9, 2015


I HAVE A NEW NEPHEW!!!  He's the best thing since sliced bread, ridiculously adorable in every way.  His birth story is epic, though not for me to share (soz!).  Plenty of adventures and hijinks, lots of hanging in the balance.

I forgot how bitty newborns are, so vulnerable and sweet.  Nothing beats cheek to cheek with a newborn.  Nothing.

In other news we are in the middle of packing up this little woodsy cabin (actually not that little) in preparation for a move closer to the waterfront.  Trading in trees and privacy for ocean-view and sun.   We're all so looking forward to the move.  We're ready for the change.

Packing has meant sorting, and so far eight, eight bags of preloved items have been donated.  I'm hoping to double that number by the time we finally move.  I'm being ruthless and it feels awesome :-D

Our final piece of epic news is that my own bitty baby has finally, officially started school.  My heart.  Eeep.  I'm her teacher for half the time, which is turning out to be quuuuuite interesting, and then I just have to walk away and leave her.... Why has life not prepared me for this???  Childbirth was nothing...

 So, not much time for reading books, but hey.


  1. a move! that is exciting but oh the packing blugh!

  2. Oh yes, newborns = mmmmmmm
    So lovely xx
    And can't wait to see LOTS of pictures of your new place! A seaview, O my!

  3. Wow lots of excitingness! newborns... yummy! and exciting about the move!! Being ready and ruthless is awesome too. Good luck with it all xx