Sunday, June 28, 2015

Aria Restaurant and Bar // Auckland

Aria Restaurant and Bar is located in the lobby of Crowne Plaza Auckland, and accessible via Albert St or through the Eliot St entrance.  We breakfasted there on our final morning in Auckland and it quietly snuck to the top of our 'buffet breakfast' favourites list.

Buffet breakfast is a pretty intoxicating scenario, even for someone like myself, who usually prefers to start the morning lightly.  But I mean, when in Rome, eat all the pancakes, right?!  And then all the fruit salad!  And then some bacon and eggs, BECAUSE!  BUFFET!  As you can see I have yet to reach full maturity, but I challenge you not to eat three different breakfasts when placed in front of allthefood.

Yeah.  Dem pastries.  #drool. 

When dining buffet breakfast style, my kids will invariably select packaged breakfast cereal.  It's a thing, and since we never buy the above at home, we roll with it.  So it was kinda up to Zan and I to try some actual options.  Zan's a Big Breakfast guy, and with eggs cooked three ways (in front of you, even), and two different styles of bacon, he was also a happy guy.  Verdict = awesome.  #compulsoryseconds.

I went for croissants (divine) and fruit salad.  We preferred the DIY fruit salad, with a side of spiralina *thumbs up*, and yoghurt, of course.  The pastries were ridiculously good too, and perfectly paired with some decadent hot chocolates.  The spiralina was A+ and the coffee was yum.  #happy.

The best part of our Aria experience though, was the service.  We were seated quickly, in a quiet part of the restaurant.  Restauranting with kiddos is are really tiring, usually not at all fun experience, but this time it was actually pretty lovely and low-key.  We were offered kiddie packs to keep them happy, once they'd finished 0.5 of their cereal (and were over that - I have one super picky breakfast eater, and a little fella who actually wolfed down three different meals in one sitting - honestly, how is he still so tiny?).  They were pretty excited about those hot chocolates too, just quietly.

Dining at Aria Restaurant was a pleasant (and delicious) way to start the day, and we so didn't need any lunch that day.  There was such an impressive range of breakfast foods, in fact, the best and largest variety we've experienced, and the staff were oh so lovely.  Two thumbs up! 

We dined free at Aria Restaurant during our stay at Crowne Plaza Auckland.  All opinions expressed are our own.

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  1. Very good standard of food gourmet style...but a rude Indian waiter/receptionist ruined it for me. Never coming back there again.