Thursday, June 4, 2015

Classroom Book Club

So this week I trialled a classroom Book Club for the first time.  With rainy days abound we are offering lunch time activities for the juniors, and it was pretty easy for me to decide a Book Club was my jam.  Though of course, with school kids you kinda have to work outside the traditional Book Club box.  I thought I'd share my plan here in case you would like to try something similar, and/or want some links to some cute vids.

This was the basic gist of our first meeting:

Since this is still my favourite children's book, I shared this clip to start us off.  It was the perfect lead in.  We talked about the ending, what we could infer etc, and the humour definitely helped the kids feel relaxed and enthusiastic.

Some kids brought along their own books, recent ones (or in many cases, one they'd quickly pulled from the classroom library :-P) so we had a little sharing time for those.  Even though I sandwiched this part between cute videos and a hands-on activity, this was the secret heart of the lesson-disguised-as-cute-club.  We talked a lot about what makes a story fun and interesting, what we like to read about, how a story could be made better, beginning/middle/end etc etc.  I tried a different focus question for each book shared.  It was fun!

The next clip was equally great, and we only wished we'd been able to hear the whole story.  Fortunately one of the kids volunteered to bring the actual book to our next meeting, boom!  This book is total genius, and BJ Novak *hearteyes*.

We didn't have a ton of time left after this, so I scrapped a couple of items and we jumped into creating characters.  I just gave them free reign this time, and next week we'll focus on developing their ideas and making their characters more interesting.  I'm gonna try and do something fun with the finished products - I have a couple of ideas, just need to narrow them down now...

Last of all I shared this adorable clip.  Just for fun (and it tied in with the character sketches).  They were in hysterics, and we totally missed the bell.  #suchfun

Next week I plan to bring some snacks.  I also found some downloadable bookmark designs for them to colour in, for lamination.   It was more fun than I anticipated, especially being able to break out of the constraints of formal lessons (I have a short morning block with little/no room for improv). Most importantly the kids loved it, and have been talking about it since.  I'm hoping to inspire a little tribe of book nerds, mwahahahaha!

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  1. Love love love this! Great idea and sounds like a wonderful first session!