Thursday, June 18, 2015

Just Now

Oh wow, it's winter all of a sudden.  Bummer.  I feel like the bears have it right, and the humans have it all wrong.  Exactly why aren't we spending the next few months sleeping?  Anyways, despite the fact that my birthday month is totally kicking my butt this year, here are some things that I'm digging...

:: A mate's place (photos spliced throughout this post) that feels like a slice of Greece with a touch of Italy ::
:: 'The Goldfinch' - by Donna Tartt ::

:: The Office (US version) - currently on binge-watch ::
:: the sound of waves from my bedroom ::

:: My school kid who reads suddenly #whatwhen ::
:: My at-home baby who doesn't #whew ::
:: 'The Finn Family Moomintroll' - by Tove Jansseon, definitely as fun to read as it surely is to listen to ::

 :: Society6 - so many pretties ::
:: Newborn snuggles ::
:: Crackling fire ::
:: Decadent milos ::

 Winter, do your worst.  Okay actually I take that back.  Please don't.

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  1. Oh I remember that AMAZING house! Love your photos xx