Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Needle & Nail *hearteyes*

Our newest little buddy (my supa adorable baby nephew) has his own little buddy now.  Check this handsome little stud muffin out...

I know, riiiiight?!  I want him for myself because apparently I'm a crazy doll lady.  Uh. Oh.  I am keeping a close eye on Needle & Nail at the moment, because Dee is close to revealing her Winter Collab dolls which are always ahhhhmaaaazing!

Irrelevant, but that is how tea is served at my Pop's house ^.  So now you know.  All these pics were taken at Pop's, where little Mister Needle & Nail fitted just perfectly.  Missing are pics of the actual real life cutie pie baby, who has since then gone away on holiday, and my heart pangs for him.

Ooh wait, there he is!

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