Sunday, June 21, 2015


I don't know about the rest of you, but my mood takes a noticeable downward swing after too many consecutive rainy days.  What helps is going for walks, rain, wind or shine.  What doesn't help is having a cluttered, untidy house with several boxes still unpacked and one entire room unsorted (everyone has that one room, right?  right??!).  

We are moved in, but the sorting isn't done yet.  The days are full, with work and drop-offs and pick-ups and extra-curriculars and even a little socialising to ensure we don't become too cabin-fever-cray. There's little room or energy for sorting, and thus I am still dreaming of order.

So I've begun sifting through the house, corner by corner, setting things straight and making things pretty.  Without urgency.  Everything in time.  It's calming, and the rain sets just the right soundtrack.


  1. Love this Stella and I can relate very much!

  2. I find an organised home makes for a calm home (for me anyway) I always so a spring clean in winter, I find it the best time to have a clear out and more so that we can actually enjoy spring!

  3. Yes, completely agree. I enjoy starting at one room and working through them all at a time. Even when I'm tidying. Calming and satisfying :)

  4. Nice!!! I love doing just that (and I haven't even moved house in ages) x