Friday, June 12, 2015

Plans go astray...

I don't know when I became a planner, but I did... Well, kinda.  I guess I have a bit of a slapdash approach to planning still, like I'm almost-kinda there but definitely not completely.  And it's teeny little details that derail me.

I remember how it used to be, with last minute rides and no pennies (or larger quantities of money) in my pockets or otherwise.  When I finished uni I somehow got it together to rent a van for relocating my belongings.  Without a licence, and with little money, I ended up convincing a friend to drive, another friend to keep us company, and we drove my boxes and suitcases northwards to my sister's house.  I'd read that air conditioning used extra petrol, and that open windows did the same, so despite the summer heat, having no dollars spare for extra gas, we stayed shut up and sweaty for the four hour drive.

Because, we were twenty-something and we could do that.  It was kind of a joke, and a story and at the end of the drive was a cold beer and a long sleep.  

Flaws in plans and things going wrong mean a great deal more when you're responsible for other-than-yourself.  My others are still teeny, and naturally I would never in my right mind condemn them to that sweaty over-heated trip.  So we plan better.  We save and we itinerize and book ahead.  It was a revelation to me when I discovered that all of the above is actually quite fun.  And mind-easing (how I coped with spontaneity-induced-anxiety I do not know).

Even so, things aren't always so smooth sailing as a full itinerary might promise, and those little details, darn them, can be the loose thread that unspools everything.

We came unspooled a couple of times last weekend, on our attempted spontaneous weekend getaway (that was more or less planned... though in retrospect perhaps less...).  And miraculously, we survived every attempted foil.  And better still, the outcome was at times better than the plan.

I have to just come back to this, again.  Clearly it's on my mind.  Those tools for survival - fast-thinking and adapting the plan - even a (possibly pseudo) planner needs them.  Despite my best efforts, it seems there will always be that something overlooked.  I hope, and this experience proved so, that we can always figure our way through things.

One day I would love to take my family on a real, proper holiday.  You know, somewhere further than a drive away.  These small trips serve as practice, so that we are as equipped as possible if we ever step off this little island.  And then I check out this family photo and I think, welllll.......

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  1. Yes planning affords a great deal of calm - for me anyway. But you are definitely right - things dont always go to plan and plannings best buddy is flexibility and rolling with the 'unplanned'. Go you for growing with your kidlets and no one having to endure a hot van ;) x