Friday, July 3, 2015

Just Now

Huzzah, school holidays!  Sleep-ins and adventures :-D  We have already begun holidaying, kicking off with whanau time in Hawkes Bay (and a quick stopover in Rotorua).  It's been a little while since we visited The Bay so I'm looking forward to showing the kids some of our favourite spots.  Yay!!!

Reading: 'Fierce September' - Fleur Beale
Dreaming of: Tropical islands and cocktails served in coconuts

Watching: The Office (US) - nearly done with this and needing a comedy series to replace it asap!
Eating: Tummy Love Kefir Yoghurt by The Collective (so good!)
Planning: a summer stall :-)

Drinking: hot chocolates (surely the highlight of winter)
Hanging: with my sisters and their babies
Making: the most of some truly crap weather by doing all the snuggly things

I'll be back with some Hawkes Bay adventures soon xx

1 comment:

  1. Hoorah for happy holidays! Hope you have a great time away! xx