Saturday, July 18, 2015

Just Now

So the holidays are drawing to a close now.  I've officially had my last sleep in before term begins.  This break was great for us, the perfect balance of adventures and rest.  I was able to tick off a bunch of To Do's, and the kids got to play in some snow, perfect.  

Reading: 'Into The Still Blue' - Veronica Rossi
Drinking: Decaf (whaaaaat... It's actually okay, I can totally handle it... I think)
Listening to: Teddy Thompson - 'Separate Ways'.  Old fave.

Watching: Vikings (so gory)
Eating: home made quesadillas
Planning: A family trip to Aus later in the year #funs

Celebrating: Overcoming a huuuuge writers block
Missing: My sweet neph
Loving: Lincoln Logs - hours and hours and hours of kiddo entertainment

I feel like we should somehow celebrate our final day of hols, but I suspect we will spend it in much the same way as every other this week.  In our pjs, building log cabins and reading books.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a fantastic holiday - soul restoring and fun. good luck for the term xx