Monday, July 13, 2015


I went to a Steiner school for about six years of my schooling, and one of the things I looked most forward to was the Winter Festival.  Lanterns and bonfires and all the Steiner singing (yup, loved that too).  I kind of have a bit of a hang up about my kids not attending Steiner.  It's not practical for us, right now, which is such a shame.

However, for our Matariki celebration this year, my mum and sister organised the most adorable lantern walk to begin our night, with fairy grottos and treasure and a light display at the end.  So magical.  It was the first lantern walk my two have done, and we will definitely have to repeat this in future years because they were totally swept away by it.

It was a penny drop moment.  Because our current situation makes the obvious schooling choice particularly un-Steiner, I kinda shoved the whole idea in the #wecantdothat basket.  It took this little lantern walk to show me just how wrong I am.  We can.

So now I'm thinking of all the ways I can bring the Steiner magic to our school community.  I'm pretty excited.


  1. We did a winter festival with some friends last year... lanterns, stories, singing, delicious food, marshmallows, decorations... it was magical. Well done you for doing it! And your kids will remember this for ages - the things that memories are made of x