Sunday, August 2, 2015

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar

If you are visiting Auckland and you are strapped for time, I totally recommend a quick visit to Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar.  This cute little eatery has the best cookies (in some pretty epic flavours), and won't eat into your time (pun intended) if you are in the CBD already.  They are just up the hill from the Civic, and not far from IMAX, so if you are heading in to catch a show then you really have no excuse not to drop in.  Why you would even want an excuse, I do not know.

We stopped by on our way back to our hotel and they had only just opened for the morning.  Our cookies were fresh out of the oven and so divine!  They offer a decent selection of drinks too, though we stuck to cookies this visit.  The prices didn't dent our budget much either, and cured our kids of their constant 'treat' requests for quite some time afterwards.

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar is situated at 12 Wellesley St, in Auckland if you wanna check them out.  Which you do :-)

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  1. ooh. something new to discover on my weekly jaunt into city.