Thursday, September 3, 2015

Just Now

I'm embracing the crazy of Term Three (I mean, what choice do I have..?), but it has definitely reflected in the quiet posting around here.   We are down to the last three weeks (whaaaaat?!), so I thought it was high time I caught up with y'all...

Watching: 'Girls'.  I've actually finished, but I liked it so much I'm watching it again!
Listening to: Miguel's 'Simple Things'
Recovering: From a ridiculously long-lasting cold

Drinking: My fave Goodbuzz flavour ^ Lemon Ginger Kombucha. #amazeballs.  Also, daily vege smoothies.  I should be in perfect health right now!
Missing: Good weather
Reading: Nothing! But I just finished 'Stray' (by Rachael Craw - review coming) and it was excellent

Planning: Our trip to Queensland - eeeeeee!
Dreaming: Of a future trip to Europe...
Attempting: To transfer all my photos from a dying phone

 Organising: A hamper draw fundraiser for our class camp
Working on: Editing a new manuscript
Ignoring: Piles of washing

August is done with, and now it's Spring, I guess.  And in a few weeks it's the holidays, and then it's the home stretch till Summer!  Hot-diggity-dang!


  1. Exciting plans and dreams! Hope you feel better soon and hoorah for summer right around the corner! x

  2. editing!!! Sounds exciting (and not exciting because editing - urgh but exciting too!)