Sunday, September 20, 2015

OHbaby! feature + free printables!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will already know that the Spring issue of OHbaby! magazine is out, and The Golden Adventures has a party feature within its pages!  Once again I teamed up with my baker buddy, Alice, and we put together a fun and nostalgic 'Little Explorer Party', perfect for nature-loving kiddos.

Party planning never gets boring for me, and this one was a pure joy to work on.  One of my favourite projects to date, definitely!  I had a lot of fun designing printables, two designs of which are currently available for (free) download via the OHbaby! website (food and drink labels - see below), and the rest of the collection available right here in this post!

You really don't need to save these printables for a party - I'm sure you could find some pretty creative uses for the food labels, and you could make summer camping fun by customising your drinks with cute stickers!  Head over to the OHbaby! website to collect both designs :-)

Today I'm also sharing a couple of other printables, including one of my favourite elements from the party, the Field Notes journal (click on the link for the free download).  We trimmed ours down to cover small journals found in a dollar store, but you could print them big enough to fit a larger journal too.  With a pencil, a compass and a magnifying glass (both found in a dollar store), your little explorers will have a collection of party favours that will extend into hours of future play.

For more details on what we filled our ration packs with, check out the full article in OHbaby! (article also available via their website, for a small fee).

Our invites were sadly never photographed, but if you would like to download them, follow this link.  I made them up by cutting out the centre of each magnifying glass and replacing it with clear cellophane (you'll want to print this sheet onto a thicker cardstock).  We used the other little images to create a simple garland that decorated our table.  


This little scout badge (click and download from the image below) can be glued to cardboard and attached to a safety pin.  We left these on the ration packs for kids to wear on the day of the party, and take home afterwards.
I've also included a downloadable file for our illustrated scavenger hunt, perfect as a lead-in activity for younger guests (for older kids, a written list with more challenging items might work better).  We found this to be an excellent warm-up activity as our guests arrived, encouraging them to work together as they explored the environs, and taking the edge off any lingering shyness.

I hope you get a chance to check out the full article via OHbaby!  I was pretty pleased with the Cookie Butterfly Collection - a genius merging of ideas between Alice and myself.  I'm currently sketching ideas for a (low-key) birthday party for Eleanor, and looking at these pics makes me want to scrap everything and have another go at this one...


  1. Congrats! You are such a talent x

  2. Whoop whoop go you!!! That's brilliant Stella - happy for you! Gorgeous gorgeous work and such a clever lady you are x