Wednesday, October 14, 2015

24 Hours in Brisbane City pt. 2 (with Novotel Brisbane)

After wandering around Brisbane for several hours, we were so ready to escape the heatwave and recline in the air-conditioned rooms of Novotel Brisbane.  My nerves were a tiny bit tender following a brief journey in the Wheel of Brisbane (I hit the emergency button after one rotation), but the walk through town was settling, and we arrived peacefully and ready to relax.

Novotel Brisbane definitely provide family-friendly accommodation.  Our children were greeted with warmth and were immediately offered a soft toy to keep, before they hit the kiddo space for a little play. The transition from streetside to roomside was thus sweet and stress-free, and I swear those little softies were two of the most favoured toys during the rest of our trip.

Once we reached our rooms I drew a bath for the babies, and then we all breathed that deep sigh of utter happiness that only a sparkling tidy hotel room can offer (I mean, when on earth is any room in our own house that tidy???).  

The Rooms: We are used to sharing double queens, but you've gotta love a king sized bed!  The rooms had plenty of space for the kids to play while we kicked back.  They had a comfortable design with a little nook in the King room that provided a bonus space, perfect for play, or for (re)packing (I did a lot of this, all holiday).  The bathrooms were perfect, amazing shower pressure and super cute complimentary items :-)

We didn't hear any noise from our neighbours either, and though I requested a lower level room, we still had a sweet view of the city.

The Facilities: We loved the Novotel rooftop pool!  Crowned by palm trees and complete with sun loungers.  The gym faced out to the pool and was extremely well equipped.  We didn't take advantage of the pool nearly enough, but our rooms were too cosy and comfortable, it was hard to step outside at all. 

I have to say, the kids space was such a winner!  The following morning entailed a bit of a wait for our pick up, but the kids were sweet as! The space (located in the lobby) had more than enough entertainment to keep them happy for the best part of two hours (yep), and luckily I had my phone to keep me busy (and free wifi to keep me instagramming)...

The Service:  The Novotel staff were super lovely, and we were never left wanting.  That said, we were largely left to ourselves and had a quiet, private stay, which was absolutely perfect.  We were asked if we would like to join the Accor club upon arrival, which gave us free internet for our stay, and access to cups of tea or coffee while we waited in the lobby :-)

The Location:  Novotel was a short distance from the CBD and walkable from South Bank, where we started out (with two kids, mind, and plenty of pretty sightseeing along the way).  If you want to head out in the evening, there are plenty of bars and eateries in easy distance, something we would definitely like take advantage of next time.

The hotel is easy to access by vehicle, also, and we had no trouble finding our way onto the Bruce Highway following check-out. 

Food: They had a seriously impressive breakfast buffet at Novotel Brisbane.  I've gotta say, it was the best yet.  Not only do they cater to various food intolerances, but they have organic juices, heaps treats on offer (donuts for breakfast?  Oh heck yes), and a coffee machine for your morning fix.  As usual Zan went for the big breakfast, while the kids and I taste-tested everything from croissants and fruit salad, to waffles with the works.  We each had about five different breakfast drinks, and guess which family didn't even feel a hunger pang come lunchtime!  Boom!  Winner.

Perfect for: Families!  For sure!  Everything is set for ease of stay, and our bunnies were in hotel heaven.  We spent the majority of our 24 hours within Novotel's walls, and we really had no good excuse to leave.  There was some vague plan about going out to find dinner and check out Brisbane at evening-time, but the kids were so lax-happy, and the beds were begging us to sprawl out and read magazines, so we ordered room service (yeah we did) and really only left our room to eat breakfast and check out the pool.  

Brisbane is a fun city, and perfect for visiting with kiddos.  With South Bank, ferry boat tours, the Wheel (for people other than myself to enjoy), and a bunch of as-yet-untested-by-us attractions, there are plenty of activities to fill your stay.  Even though it was a short taster of a visit, I'm glad we had the opportunity to see a bit more of Brisbane, this time around.  And just quietly, Novotel Brisbane was quite a lovely place to spend a large portion of that time :-)

Novotel Brisbane provided us with a complimentary night's stay in return for an honest review.  Thanks, y'all! x

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