Wednesday, October 21, 2015

'Hello World' - Paul Beavis

Yuss!!!  We've all been hanging out for this instalment.  'Mrs. Mo's Monster' is still very popular around here so the follow-on adventures of this little guy have been highly anticipated.

First of all - that cover.  The colours, the sun rays, the perspective, the itty-bitty details - So perfect! I love that it gives us a cute glimpse into the monster's quirky, inquisitive character (the lean and the outstretched arm - I can see my own little guy reflected), who is every bit as obstinate and prickly-sweet as he was in 'Mrs. Mo's Monster'.

Paul Beavis takes the simple and evocative illustrations of book one to a whole new level in 'Hello World!' We follow the monster on a dream-strange adventure into the wilderness.  When he loses his way, forbearing Mrs. Mo comes to the rescue, and they share a magic little moment before heading home.

I loved the book's message and needed to hear it.  Little peeps (monsters or otherwise) are definitely live-in-the-moment types, and the lure of adventure can be so strong.  My own tendency to focus on a job until it's done (the Mo's want to finish painting their house before they do something fun together) means we sometimes miss out on potentially magic adventures.

Childhood is so short and those moments are so special, for the grown-ups just as much as the little guys.  'Hello World!' serves as a timely reminder to leave the dishes in the sink (well, I don't mind having an excuse), and head outdoors.  Now that the weather is fining up, adventurezzzz...

'Hello World' is available in bookstores, and via the Gecko Press website.  Thank you Gecko Press for supplying us with a review copy of this adorable title :-)

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