Friday, October 9, 2015



After a whirlwind tour of the Queensland Coast we are home again in our snug little house, a billion bags to unpack and jobs to catch up on.  We had an absolutely jam-packed itinerary - with 11 days to cover a fair bit of ground, there was barely time to catch breath between adventures.  We may be a little tired now, but our heads and hearts are full.

With family in three different parts of QLD we arranged our time between Brisbane, Hervey Bay and Sunshine Coast.  Each place added its own flavour to our trip and there were plenty of new experiences for all of us (along with some familiar favourites).  Though the heat and the fear-factor (snakes AND spiders AND crocs AND AND AND) are not my favourite, QLD has taken a small hold on my heart and I look forward to our next adventures there.

I've shared a fair bit of our adventures via instagram, but some of my favourite spots escaped these filters. I will definitely be sharing more on those, along with a couple of travel tips that made this trip our very best yet (okay, there's such a small list to compare from, but still). I'm still buzzing, so 100,000 photos will be coming atcha! :-P

 Back soon! x

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