Sunday, November 15, 2015

A day in Noosa

I would return to Noosa in a heartbeat.  We spent less than a day there, and I really didn't want to leave!  From the minute we drove into Cooroy, I was smitten.  All the pretty trees, ample sunshine, cute houses and summer action.  We didn't time our visit too well, arriving in Noosa on Labour day, but even the hoards of people couldn't put me off.

After lunching on the most expensive fish and chips everrrr (but they were good!) we took a little walk along Noosa River in Noosaville.  There were plenty of touristy water activities luring us off the boardwalk, though we didn't venture out.  The river was very, very pretty, and if we make it back to Noosa again, I really think we do have to jump in one of those boats.  

As it turned out, the crowds were too much for us and we had to skip Noosa Main Beach.  We glimpsed it from the road though, and I was well assured that we weren't missing out.  It was 
c r o w d e d and by the looks of things, there was little to no shelter from the blazing sun.  So we snuck into Noosa National Park instead, lucking out on a car park and hitting one of the prettiest tracks I've ever walked.

All along the way we were treated with ocean vistas, and when our eyes weren't peeled for koalas, they were hunting out surfers (in comparative abundance to the k-bears).  Eleanor, who is usually amped to walk for miles on end (really!), was unfortunately sporting two grazed knees and wasn't gelling with the heat.  Dragging reluctant kids through a National Park can't be anyone's fave, but it was worth it!  We were rewarded with a real-life-in-the-wild-koala for our efforts! #holidayhighlight.

There it is!  That fuzzy little critter, resting against the trunk

We barely scratched the very surface of Noosa, and I would love to spend more time there.  Rent a holiday home and stay for a week or two.  I wasn't all that fussed about the commercial side of things, but it wasn't as tacky as GC, and the whole area is sooooo pretty!  We had a Noosa Sample and it wasn't enough....  

Highlights: That koala!  Can't beat it!
Lowlights: Pricey fish and chips :-(
Expectation vs. Reality:  It was visually much greener than I expected, especially after the monotone Hervey Bay. Very pretty!
Worth repeating: Definitely!  I would probably want to stay in one of the smaller towns outside Noosa, and make day trips in and around the centre...
What we'd do differently:  Bring a picnic lunch and arrive earlier in the day.

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