Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Royal Feast

After postponing several times (hellooooo spring time lurgies!) we finally held our royal feast.  I really wasn't getting it together with this party.  We ended up keeping it nice and simple, opting for a dessert party and just two guests.  

It was the most easy-going party everrrr.  To begin with, they each decorated a crown (I had juuuuust enough gold card hiding in my craft room).  Then they dined on ice-cream sundaes, and sipped sparkling grape juice from their goblets.  Finally we let them select some 'crown jewels' to wear and keep, before watching a Sofia movie.  

I kept decorations simple.  Some gold coin garlands (still hanging, and so pretty!) I'd made for a previous party, vintage table settings, and a couple of 'royal portraits' I whipped up a few days ago (these were so much better in my head).  With store-bought treats, this really took next to no effort, and Eleanor declared it her best party ever!  

This wasn't our first 'whip up' party, and it won't be our last.  I do love a location party (Eleanor's Mermaid party from last year, for instance), but with just a few magic touches, even the low-key ones can feel just as special.  

Gold spotted bottle c/o Pop Roc Parties. Copper candle holder - The Warehouse. 'Crown Jewels' - KMart sales bin. Fake gems - Ebay.

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  1. This is so lovely... and all the more awesome because you whipped it up... and she declared it her best best ever. That's winning, right there!