Monday, November 2, 2015

Aussie World with Under 5's

When we were little, our parents used to pile all six kids into our Bedford van (no seat belts back then) and make their way down country to New Plymouth, to visit our Grandma.  Memories of those trips are all wrapped up in magic.  From the miniature train that we used to peer at through the gates, to the rainbow-lit fountain and hungry swans at Pukekura Park.  

It only just hit me that these trips to Queensland are the makings of a whole new set of nostalgic memories.  My kids really are lucky.  I didn't step foot in a plane until I was 17, but these guys... 

During this visit we dropped in to Aussie World for the day, and I can tell that this is going to become a regular fixture for future holidays.  We had such a perfect day there.  It'll be their Pukekura Park, I think...

Aussie World is the perfect kiddo theme park for a number of reasons.  There are definitely plenty of rides for older kids and adults, but they really, really cater for little ones.  All the favourites are there, carousels, spinning tea-cups, mini trains, cars, log flume, kid-size roller-coaster (only these last two weren't options for G, but he was only just under the height restriction, so next time!)... There were new faves too, starting with that giant slide! 

We actually couldn't fit every ride in, and didn't have time for mini-golf (which I think our two would LOVE).  That's cool, something to save for next time.  We did have a go with the remote control boats, super cute!  Followed by some time in the side show alley!  I LOVE side shows, again, memories of childhood...

Aussie World is toddler friendly, but still suitable for the whole family. There were plenty of older kids there, having a ball (and still the park had a chill vibe, which was ideal for us)!  I think we'll get more of the family to meet us next time. There are plenty of shady spots to hang and have some down time, for those less inclined to ride the Redback.   

Aussie World is super easy to find, just off the Bruce Highway.  If you're traveling up the coast from Brisbane, it's on your way.  We broke up a day's travel by stopping in here, driving through to Hervey Bay once the kids had burnt off all excess energy.  They slept for the remainder of the trip. Perf.

I really loved the carnival vibe of Aussie World. I dream about carnivals (esp. night ones, swoon!), and the general decor and many of the rides at AW had that carnivalesque feel. It's my dream that they start opening at nights, with fairy lights and candyfloss - the works.  Oh wait, they do!! That Christmas Party looks seriously amazing!!

Highlights: Eleanor driving the Bizzy Buggy, taking care of her little bro, and handling that car like a boss.
Lowlights: We visited in the middle of a heat-wave :-(.  They did provide the most amazing mist spray thing that made it all better.
Expectation vs. Reality:  There were a heap more rides than I realised. I thought we'd be able to get round everything in an afternoon, but nope!
Worth repeating: Definitely.  I think Aussie World will get even more fun as our kids get older.
What we'd do differently: I think I'd try more rides myself!  Gotta get brave like my six-year-old!  

Our entry to Aussie World was complimentary, in return for an honest review.  Thanks AW for this fun opportunity, we'll be back!

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