Thursday, November 5, 2015

Just Now

Definitely starting to feel some summer vibes, yay! Beaching and camping and summer gigs and visits from faraway friends. Actually, that's one thing about living in a tourist dest. Summers are pretty crazy. And tourists aside, so many friends and relatives return here to spend at least a few weeks of summer. The quiet wintry months are more than made up for!

So meantime, we are...

Watching: We are hooked on Nashville! Also loving The Last Man on Earth :-D
Drinking:  Decaf. Okay, I know - 'death before decaf'. I actually had very little choice about making the switch, but it hasn't been bad, at all. I never thought this day would come... 
Missing: The Sunshine Coast. I've been dreaming about it. Such a sunny, relaxed, beautiful place. Gotta get back there...

Planning: Camping trips, Christmas thiiiiiings, birthday parties (low-key), projects, house clear-outs...
Reading: Education articles - psych!
Finishing: Reports - psych! And end of year school stuff - in prep for.... HOLZ Y'ALL

Enjoying: My topnotch friends. This year has been busy, for sure, but I always have time for my guys.
Listening to: Clare Bowen - such a pretty voice!
Prepping for: A hectic couple of months. This is definitely the lull before the storm...

If we can pull of a party this weekend (I haven't even invited anyone yet - oh the horror!) I'll be back to show photos soon... Love y'all xx


  1. lovely! A wonderful list of happiness x

  2. Hope the lead up to Christmas isn't too crazy! x