Friday, November 20, 2015


What a pretty place!  Honestly, I'd never heard of Montville.  Before travelling, I spent some time searching pins related to Queensland, hunting out the best spots to visit.  I stumbled across this cute Montville pin, and couldn't quite believe this storybook town was in such close proximity to where we were staying (Mooloolaba).

Arriving in the mountain village felt like we'd entered a completely different universe from the surfer towns below.  Eleanor thought we'd were in a fairytale, and I gotta admit, I kinda felt the same.  The steep, windy road through the mountains.  The trees and flowers and storybook buildings.  Everything had a slowed down, dreamy, old-timey feel. 

This trip offered the perfect respite from the glaring Queensland sun, with pretty shops and great cafes and an amazing view of Sunshine Coast.  I found the perfect vintage goods store, and could've spent hours in the Christmas shop (though a little put off by the extremely hostile shop owner).  I'm really glad we made the time for this side-trip, even though it meant missing out on other locations.  We had such a relaxing, happy day in Montville and I'm definitely eager to return.  

Highlights: Rare - retro collectibles store.  So many beautiful items! Also, lunch at Poet's Cafe (more on that soon).
Lowlights: Christmas shop lady - please don't ruin my window shopping experience!
Expectation vs. Reality:  Just as pretty as I hoped.  The road in was a little daunting, but I think that adds to the magic.
Worth repeating: Oh yeah, we'll def be back.
What we'd do differently:  My holiday refrain -> spend more time here!  We tried to see everything (no regrets because everything was amazing) and I was loathe to leave some spots.  Montville was definitely a family fave.

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