Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Big Pineapple

I really just wanted a photo of us under the Big Pineapple.  Turns out, the Big Pineapple is not only a big pineapple!  We stopped for a photo and stayed for an hour, finishing off with some pineapple Weis' bars to really OD on the pineapple thing.

There was a definite 'time-has-forgottten-this-place' vibe, which I LOVED!  Like slipping into a lost world...  All palm trees and vintage displays and 'plantation' signposts.  The pineapple itself is a mini museum, describing (in mini detail) pineapple production - from plantation to can.  It was cute and surprisingly interesting, and the exhibit ended at the top of the pineapple, where we found ourselves on a little viewing platform, looking down on the plantation itself.

We thought that was it, but turning to leave we bumped into a sign advertising a train tour.   Garland was sleeping in Zan's arms, and was overjoyed to wake up on a train.  Super cute. The tour took us through an orchard, planted with exotic fruit trees, and past a little zoo that we didn't stop in on.  The driver/guide was great!  Again I found myself surprised at my interest in pineapple production.  Lol.

Hopefully we'll catch the markets next time, and score some of that exotic fruit they kept telling us about!  As it was, we rushed directly from the Big Pineapple to a fruit store and bought everything in sight, gorging on a gigantic fruit platter for dinner.  That might be one of my favourite holiday memories, and our kiddos couldn't believe their luck!

 Cost: Free!  The train costs $5 tho.
Highlights: The train ride was great, worth the fiver!   
Lowlights: There was a closed restaurant and a bit of an air of neglect.  I loved this, actually, but I hope they get enough business to keep going.  This was a really holiday highlight, and I hope we can visit again.
Expectation vs. Reality:  Way better!  Like I said, I expected a big pineapple, period.
Worth repeating: I could probably pass on repeat train tours, but we would definitely stop in again!
What we'd do differently: Nothing.  This was the perfect side excursion!

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