Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas is Coming

So much about 2015 has been challenging, stressful, or just outright scary.  Which is a pretty negative spin on a year that has also had its fair share of total magic, but the point I'm heading towards is that entering the Christmas season we really needed low-key...

Somehow it has been just that.  #mostly (we still manage to fit in a bit of dramatic, too).  I finished up work a week ago, and it has been such a cool time for me and the kiddos.  So much crafting, reading, playing, and gentle adventures, as we adapt to living with a bee allergy (I'll tell you about that some other time, probably).

Okay so as I write this, the kids are having a masssssive brawl, but you know, generally speaking it has been chill.  And Christmassy, but not manic Christmassy.  It's been a really nice way to roll out 2015, and I'm hoping we're setting up for a really cool 2016.  #prettyplease.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Stella. I hope you will share your allergy story with us one day. From my experience, educating others (particularly family who don't take it seriously (ahem)) is so important.

  2. sending you chill, peace, and a steady year for 2016 xxx

  3. Merry Christmas Stella to you and your family. Hope 2015 rolls out the way you'd like and that 2016 is less intense xx

  4. I've been thinking about this too. In a year with a lot of shitty bits, I'm holding onto all the good parts. Merry Christmas my friend. Maybe 2016 is the year we get to see each other again.