Friday, December 11, 2015

DIY Wall Decals

I was hanging out in the school art room yesterday, and noticed these cute DIY stickers on the windows.  I stole the instructions off my workbud and today we had a go.  Not sure we have the best technique, but we had lots of fun.  Eleanor has already requested that we make more tomorrow, so perhaps we'll try and perfect them...

If you're looking for a fun, easy craft these holidays, this one was a winner for us!

Materials needed:
  • Printed images.  We used matte magazine pages, thinner paper seems to work best - try printing your own images if you can.
  • Scissors
  • Clear contact paper/duraseal
  • Bowl of warm water

1. Cut your image down and then cut some duraseal to size, leaving a wide-ish margin (this part is the most adhesive afterwards and will help your sticker... well, stick!).

2. Press your image face down on the duraseal.

3. Flip your image over and replace the duraseal backing.  Using a credit card, fingernail or whatever y'all want, press down on the image giving maximum contact between the inky paper and the duraseal.

4. Remove the backing again and submerge the sticker in your bowl of water.  Leave it for a bit until you can see the the paper is fully soaked.

5.  Roll the damp paper with your finger to remove everything but the ink.  Or for a more solid looking image, work carefully around the bits you want to keep, removing only the colours/paper you don't want.

You may need to keep adding water to keep the paper damp.  As you can see, this particular sticker had no paper left afterwards, though others came out differently.  This seemed to be down to paper weight - see more notes below.  Dry them out for a bit, and then you have some wall decals!  Boom!

We had varying success with these, and I noticed a couple of things in the process.  The first few times we left more paper on the back, and these ones have a more solid look (see the bunnies and the cotton - below).  

Different paper types yielded different results, and the amount of time the kids spent pressing the contact to the image made a heap of difference to the quality of their final stickers.  

They aren't super sticky, some less than others.  They're staying on the walls for now, but I won't be surprised if they're not still there in a few days.  Perhaps we'll do something different with them later...  

We weren't very fussy, and love them all.  It was easy enough for them to complete most steps, and I'm willing to bet Eleanor will chose to do it all herself tomorrow.  Garland had most fun rubbing off the wet paper and sticking them to the window (usually before they were dry :-P ).  We loved trying out something new together.  Side-along crafting with my buddies is tops.

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